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Retailing to E-tailing: In search for a symbiotic relationship

Online retail has seen an accelerated growth of more than 11% every year since 2011. The wide array of products, choices, convenience of shopping in your pajamas and most importantly cost has driven many a customer to shopping online. In fact, more than 25% of millennials believe traditional “brick-and-mortar” retail will be superseded by online retail...(Continue Reading)

Impact of out-of-stocks on sales and customer satisfaction

Situation:In the present time, everything is available in just a matter of seconds and therefore when a customer encounters an out-of-stock situation, he doesn’t tolerate it. Depending upon the necessity of the product the customer either substitutes it with something else available, or worse goes to another store to buy it...(Continue Reading)

Improvement of customer experience, in-stock position using technologies like AI and Machine learning

Large and medium scale companies depend on numbers i.e. the numbers of viewers buying their products and most of the focus in away from individual customer satisfaction. This could be taken advantage of by small independent companies. Out-of-stock situations occur more in case of individual shops due to the lack of planning and application of technology...(Continue Reading)

Technologies for Independent stores and supermarkets

In the market independently owned and operated stores experience higher out-of-stock situations due to the unavailability of enough financial help to produce solutions. This adversely affects their sales as the customers postpone purchases or worse switch stores. With the rising interest and demand of technology in every sector, it is high time for independent store owners to use them...(Continue Reading)

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