Kishore Rajgopal's Keynote Address at the Oman E-Commerce Conference

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning helps E-commerce  to enhance customer experience, improve competitiveness and enhance profitability

Kishore Rajpgopal
Kishore Rajpgopal
Founder & CEO

Published on Oct. 19, 2019

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Pain Problems to Solve

Select 3 problems

Over Stocking
Product Expiration/Wastage
Out of Stock
Improper Markdown
How much more COULD we have sold?
Cant Figure out latent Demand
What more merchandise could sell
Food Wastage
Not Responding Speedily to fashion Trends
Over Exposure to Competitor Pricing

Benefit Expected

Select Top one or two

Better Full Price sell through (Less Discounting)
Higher OSA (on shelf Availability)
Higher Inventory Turns
Lower Store or DC inventory
Higher Basket Sizes
Higher Customer Loyalty (More Repeat visits)
More Effective Planning